We have had her for a year now, but unfortunately my husband and I are both working full time jobs and she has not had the attention she deserves, I would like her to go to someone that will be able to give her LOTS of attention, and that knows how to make a snake a companion not just a pet. She is aprox 3' long and aprox 6" in diameter, she is quite gentle but senses nervousness very well, she is 15 months old and is eating 3 hoppers once a week, we have had no problems with her eating, she is however eating live mice, and has never had frozen, she comes with a homeade wooden cage that she loves that has branches for her to climb a large cave house, heat rock and water bowl. The reason why I am selling her and not just giving her away is for the simple reason that if someone is willing to pay for her then it gives me the sound mind that they want her and will love her. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.